Revenue under this head is received from manufacture transport, import, export and wholesale / retail trade of different intoxicating substances as per provisions of Madhya Pradesh Excise act 1915, Madhya Pradesh Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act 1985, Medicinal & Toilet Preparations Act and Rules made there under.

  1. According to present excise policy, country and foreign liquor retail shops are  disposed off by inviting renewal applications. Remaining shops are disposed by tender. If Renewal applications are below 80% of the value of district, then all the shops of district are disposed off by tender. Bhang  shops are auctioned either singly or in groups. Wholesale / retail licenses of poppy straw are auctioned in opium producing districts either singly or in groups, in rest of the districts these are disposed off on fixed license fee.

  2. In addition to above, other sources of revenue are license fees of Distillery, Foreign liquor bottling plants, Breweries etc. Click here to view details.

  3. Duty: As per government rules excise duty is payable on retail sale/use of intoxicant. Click here to view details.

  4. Import fee/Export fee/Permit fee on Import/Export/Transport of intoxicants. Click here to view details.

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